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Anthony Semann

Anthony Semann is an agent of change. After qualifying as an early childhood teacher, Anthony spent his early career working in long day care. Eager to learn as much as he could about practice and people, he built his pedagogical knowledge and developed his skills in fostering relationships. Early on, Anthony also discovered the importance of equity and social justice as a driving force in social change. His desire for learning remains apparent, so too does his commitment to naming inequity, shifting practice towards justice and living a life that embodies all that he preaches. Anthony is a founding director of Semann & Slattery, a boutique consultancy with over 25 years work in the education sector as researchers, facilitators of professional learning and thought leaders.

Sunday, 12 March

8:30am – 10:00am

Consider the early childhood program, why is it the way it is and more importantly what would it take for educators and teachers to radically re-imagine our practices. Whilst this does not herald a radical departure from any philosophical underpinnings, it is an invitation to engage critical thinking skills as an act of transformation. To think critically is to never take practices for granted but rather to ask questions, to investigate possibilities and imagine and dream of future possibilities. In this keynote address we will explore the role of critical thinking, and how this might serve as a catalyst for pedagogical and personal transformation.

Sunday, 12 March

2:30pm – 3:30pm

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The Assessment and Rating process inspires stress and fear in educators almost universally, even those who are confident in their practices. Having an external person viewing and marking performance is always confronting. This panel session is an opportunity to ask questions around the process, the best preparation and the outcomes of an A&R process.

Anthony Semann, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, Lucette van Someren Boyd and Cathy Wilson