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Benedicte Henry

As a linguist who strongly believes in the power of language-learning to break barriers between people, Benedicte Henry’s aim is to use laughter as a universal language to help participants reconnect in an increasingly disconnected world; not only to reconnect with themselves and their inner child, but also with the students they teach every day, between their own body and mind, and with the professional and personal communities they belong to. As a qualified Teacher of French for secondary school and a child carer, Benedicte has over 25 years of experience teaching people from a wide range of age groups, abilities and ethnic backgrounds in 3 different countries. Her message is simple…Laughter Connects!

28 October, Saturday

4:30pm – 5:15pm

Laughter is truly universal: it knows no language, age, cultural, economic, educational or gender barriers. It helps us connect with our inner child and our inner joy. Promoting peace through joy, laughter naturally relieves tensions and dissolves loneliness. This session will help educators with strategies to manage stress better, improve classroom management and learning outcomes, better tackle the ever-increasing expectations of parents and improve team-connectivity. Laugh to connect contributes to increased mental wealth and improved morale for both educators and the children in their care.