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Dimitri is co-founder and custodian of Central Coast Montessori in NSW, which features a diverse community of people committed to holding space for self-creation and social sculpture. Dimitri loves to imagine and to play with what’s possible, to explore and examine any and all constructs. He has done so in life and in particular in Montessori spaces for over two decades. Dimitri’s deepest want is for us as a Montessori community together to deeply delve into the Cosmic Continuum, the vital thread that runs through all planes (and beyond) in a bid to understand how we may aid humanity’s capacity to adapt through the creation of an existential sustainability container.

Day 1, Saturday

2:00pm – 3:00pm

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We are, the single most significant influence/resource in the early developmental lives of our children…. If the child truly is, as Montessori said ‘the hope & promise for humankind’, then our responsibility to aid/support their ‘holistic’ process of self-creation is perhaps not only vital but one might say it’s a ‘fundamental human need.’ How might we do this? By continuing to support the transformative process of self-creation throughout adult life.