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Linda Rigby

Linda Rigby worked at a microbiologist, QA Manager and music teacher until she decided to become a teacher for family commitments. Since then teaching has taken over her life. Linda graduated in late 2013, and has worked at a Brisbane alternative school and Queensland Education. Linda has been running a Montessori Adolescent Programme at Mitchelton State High School since 2017. Linda has four children, two whom are adults with children and two teenagers who recently graduated high school. She is also studying a Masters of Special and Inclusive Education and is committed to peaceful educational options for all.

28 October, Saturday

11:30am – 12:30pm

Mitchelton State High School opened a public-school Montessori Adolescent Programme (MAP) in 2017. This was the only programme in Queensland. After 6 years and ‘spreading the word’ to the rest of the school via school magazine articles, displayed work, invitations to school events and a presence on assembly, most staff lack an understanding of the programme. There are many challenges for staff entering from mainstream public school and the transformation of the staff has anecdotally followed approximately the same path. Staff that have gone back to the main school, never by choice but circumstance, have remained in close contact with the programme and say that the programme is the educational way of the future. However a visit or observation is really not enough. This workshop looks at ways to build some alternative education experiences for preservice teachers in order to attract more understanding, interest and acceptance of MAPS.

Linda Rigby