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Shawnee is a Clinical Psychotherapist with a Bachelor of Counselling and Level 2 Internal Family Systems Therapist. Shawnee is passionate about using Internal Family Systems (IFS) and expressive art methods to reveal the natural pathway to healing through her own healing work for remaining present and connected for sharing the evidenced-based approaches with children, young people, parents, and teachers in her role as School Counsellor and Private Practices, and has a background in prevention and healing the impacts of Family and Domestic Violence. Shawnee has been a Program Assistant on IFS Institute trainings and will be sharing examples from an upcoming book “Freeing Self: IFS beyond the Therapy Room”. Shawnee’s interactive presentation will explore using IFS-Informed approaches for restoring inner harmony, through discussions on Attachment, Trauma, Coregulation, Polyvagal Theory and Interoception.

Day 2, Sunday

1:30pm – 2:30pm

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Present moment self-awareness is key in recognising when we are not operating from our core self. In this workshop, we will be exploring ways to develop more in the moment self-awareness, how we know we are in some kind of reactive pattern, and how we can transform these kinds of patterns. We’ll focus on the importance of doing our own inner healing work for staying calm, connected, and energised in an education setting.